Wyatt Roderick Buescher [b.1996 - Chicago IL.] is a multidisciplinary photographic artist currently engaged with issues of line, light, form, and volume. The driving force in his work is pushing a sense of discovery that is enhanced by the formal elements found in the history of photography. His works play with reality - revealing it, manipulating it, enhancing it, complicating it, making it lyrical - often holding tension between the formal elements of the photographic and the painterly. He creates images in three categories: with a lens, without a lens, and with a lens of his own construction - coupled with in camera manipulations, this creates a dynamic range of nontraditional imagery. Sight is questioned and becomes a matter of perspective and function, the standard field of vision that is “the eye” quite literally shifts focus, and the “sight” of the camera (the mechanisms) becomes both function and reality. Roderick Buescher earned his BFA at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, with a major in Photography and Filmmaking, and is a current MFA Candidate in the Photography Department at Parsons School of Design at the New School. He is a New York City based artist, and has exhibited in Chicago, New York, and Richmond.
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