Wyatt Roderick Buescher is a multidisciplinary photographic artist currently seeking his Graduate Degree in Photography at Parsons, The New School for Design. He was born and raised in Chicago, IL, and he earned his Bachelors in Fine Arts degree at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA with a major in Photography and Filmmaking. Buescher is a practicing fine artist working primarily with the experimentation and repetition of imagery as a learning process, his work often finds itself exploring the indexicality of analog and digital photography as it relates to the tools and ideas that make up the medium itself. He has a separate (albeit often overlapping) social practice that focuses on Educational reform, and questioning ideas of what learning really is in todays world. RB has exhibited in such places as Chicago, New York, and Richmond.

- I have a learning disability called visual dyspraxia
- It means that I have the dexterity to do things, but I get overwhelmed with too much visual information. It’s difficult to conceptualize and then execute steps: (what comes next in a series of events.)
- Visually these forms have a lot of weight to them.
- The Images I create act as templates for larger sculptural installations.
- This relationship between image (photographic) and sculptural expresses my need for physicality in the photographic process.
- I have a tensioned relationship with physical, moving, changing spaces.
- Imagery I create acts as a proxy interpreter for my visual dyspraxia. What you see is not what I see, but how I see. (And how I see is what I see)
- A broken camera still produces an image; it’s a metaphorical interpreter, a way of seeing, a way of understanding.
- Process and repetition and starting from a pile…from a mess. Allows for understanding and questioning and deconstruction and reconstruction and freedom and experimentation and possibility and organization.
- Bring your own experiences to this work, think on them, and let them inhabit this structure, this space. What do you think?​​​​​​​
- The Images I create act as templates for larger sculptural installations.
- A broken camera still produces an image.
- These images here are the representational results of attempting to engage with a myriad of questions. 
What is indexicality? 
Is photography Indexical of Truth? 
What do digital Images look like when they become their own objects, instead of acting as representations of other objects? 
Does Indexicality matter? 
Was Photography hijacked by the idea of representation? So on and so forth.
- Indexicality in photography i would argue doesn’t exist because it’s Indexicality posits itself on photographies inherent promise of representation. 
- My question then. What does photography look like without representation? Well i think it reaches the point that its predecessors did. It becomes about its materials and methods, it refers to itself to identify itself. 
- I wonder what that looks like?... What's the viewers relationship to the artist?
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